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Thats what it seemed like on thursdays series finale of scandal while we were devastated by david rosens death at the hands of cyrus beene early in the episode, titled off a cliff, perhaps. There is no description for the final episode, titled prisoners of war, but lead actress claire danes. Scandal will return for one more season, but it almost seems like the white hat is irreparably stained. This story contains spoilers from the series finale of abcs scandal, over a cliff. White hats, character deaths, papa pope monologues and a boatload of hootch, abcs scandal wrapped its sevenseason run thursday night with an hourlong episode featuring the final showdown between the opa associates and b6, with several callbacks to poignant moments throughout the shows run. Scandal series finale photos launch gallery just like the halfdozen finales that preceded it, thursdays series ender promised all the trappings of shondaland, from gamechanging revelations to.

Scandal season 7 fixes plot holes before series finale. Scandal season 5 finale episode 21 thats my girl recap. Shonda rhimes talks scandal finale and legacy of olivia. Scandal is over, but here are 10 things well remember from this. The scandal finale gave olivia pope the ending she was. More importantly, it was time for olivia pope kerry washington to earn back her trademark white hat. After seven seasons of breakneck plot twists and theatrical monologues on scandal, it was time for our heroes to finally face their past and fess up to their dark crimes. The homeland series finale airs sunday, april 26 at 9 p. Its the season finale of scandal, and everything is fair game. Our girl is back on our screens for a fourth season but, sadly, it will be michelle keegans last outing in the popular drama. Gladiators, prepare for a thrilling series finale of scandal airing april 19th on abc. Its finale, over the cliff, wraps the soapy saga of.

Scandal series finale marks the end for pope and her gladiators. Scandal ends its run thursday night at 10 on abc after seven seasons and 124 episodes. The big message of this final episode is that the truth will set. A recap of scandal series finale season 7 episode 18 over a cliff. The shonda rhimeshelmed abc series about washington fixer olivia pope has come to an end after seven seasons on the network. We found out some terrible news about eve molly griggs, sat in. Newbern charlie on thursday night at a benefit for the actors fund. A frantic and satisfying ending to the scandal saga. The shonda rhimescreated political drama will wrap its seventh and final season on april 19, abc said today during tca. Season 5, episode 21 amy leaving, moving to california. The seventh and final season of the american television drama series scandal was ordered on february 10, 2017 by abc.

Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes. This story contains spoilers from the season six finale of abcs scandal. Scandal is one of those shows that didnt get everyone at the same timemaybe you watched it from the very first premiere, maybe you got sucked. To see how it all ends in the series finale, heres our scandal recap of over a cliff. It was later announced that the seventh season would be the final season for scandal. And throughout the season weve gone deeper and deeper into the original sin of scandal defiance. Who will survive and who will mellies and vargas vp nominees. Sadly, its time for the last new episode of scandal in tv history. No matter how long you kept up with scandal the first episode, the first season or, if you were a loyal viewer, until thursday nights finale. Last shocks, loose ends and lots of lust after seven seasons, shonda rhimes rollercoaster of a drama screeches to a final halt as. Scandal s final episode aired last night and it implied that olivia pope, played by kerry washington, just might have become president of the united states. The seventh and final season of the american television drama series scandal was ordered.

On thursday, abc and shonda rhimes closed up olivia pope and associates for good as scandal wrapped its seven season run with a series finale that explored the ramifications of going public with. Scandal season 6 finale explained the hollywood reporter. Weve learned the date of the series finale for abcs scandal. The fourth season of the american television drama series scandal began airing on september 25, 2014, in the united states on abc and consists of 22 episodes. Season 6s retelling of the night of the election gave the series a muchneeded lift. The fourth season of scandal saw the vice president order the. How many episodes in bbcs our girl series four and when. The 10 best episodes to rewatch before the series finale.

Washington, who plays the shows main character olivia pope, talked to abc news nightline about the final season and how costar tony. Who died, who went to prison, what happened to your favorites. A few big spoilers for the series finale of scandal below fyi lovers of liberty, the final episode of scandal aired on thursday night, and its a doozy. Scandal is an american political thriller television series created by shonda rhimes, that ran on abc from april 5, 2012 until april 19, 2018 kerry washington stars as olivia pope, a former white house communications director who leaves to start her own crisis management firm, pope and associates, where she works to keep the secrets and protect the public images of the countrys most. Scandal series finale seven seconds of shook promo hd. Scandal, onethird of rhimes thursday night empire, put a black woman as the lead of a primetime drama for the first time since 1974, with washington as d.

Heres all you need to know about the bbc hit, plus when the finale. Olivia pope and her gladiators fought their last battle in the abc dramas finale, which seemed designed to satisfy fans. Scandal and how to get away with murder, then branded the night as. Thursday night, celebrators of rosh hashonda will wrap up in their olivia pope inspired white coats and eagerly watch the season 4 premiere of scandal.

The season began airing on october 5, 2017, and consisted of 18 episodes. Warriors mark your calendars, because season six of scandal officially has a premiere date. After seven seasons, shonda rhimes rollercoaster of a drama screeches to. Scandal finally wrapped up thursday night with its finale. Scandal series finale knows its gladiators did a lot of bad things, but asks. Kerry washington as olivia pope on scandal, which aired its series finale thursday night.

Bang bang boo hoo bye bye the big surprise reveal of the seasonender raises so many. We end the first half of season 6 on a down note after a. The last episode was, if anything, a bit anticlimactic. In the season finale, members of a grand jury gathered by david for the b6 case. Scandals season 6 premiere date officially announced. Lots of stuff happened in wednesday night s confusing midseason finale of vikings. Reactions to scandals series finale popsugar entertainment. A trailer was released on good morning america to tease the upcoming season, according to. Kerry washington on the scandal series finale and the shows. Cbs has announced dates for the season finale of survivor. Drama over what to do for christmas had amy and matt roloff at. The little people, big world season finale was last night, and boy, was it intense. Scandal wrapped its sevenseason run on thursday night with a final episode that packed in fierce outfits, killer monologues and the most tragic death in.

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