Fender rhodes cracked harp repair

The instrument comprised parts the piano, and a separate enclosure underneath containing the power amplifier and loudspeaker. We work hard to keep our fender rhodes repair services pricing fair and affordable. If you can meet between 10am and 2 let us know 9739892178 or go to our website and fill out our repair contact form. Shop online the worlds largest selection of hardware, electronics, action parts, pedals, stands, legs. Possibly its operating fine and it could produce a sound you think is also fine. Whether you have a tonewheel hammond organ, fender rhodes, wurlitzer electric piano, or a vintage guitar amplifier, weve got you covered.

Custom case painting and case repair fender rhodes electric piano tuning and service. I do not provide restorative work or extensive repairs to rhodes pianos outside of our shop. This auction is only for the cheeks and maunting screws. Shop online the worlds largest selection of hardware, electronics, action parts, pedals, stands, legs, lids and more. Here are some of the fully serviced rhodes pianos we currently have. I had to take an xacto knife to it and scrape away the excess old repair glue. Fender rhodes sounds download fender rhodes sound effects. When choosing a new keyboard whether its your first or your tenth you need to be sure that you are picking a piece that will suit your needs. I have been working on fender rhodes pianos since 1988. Did you order tines, and arent sure how to proper cut them. Fender rhodes isolation grommets repair set of 20 for rhodes. Fender rhodes piano mark v stage 73 vintage s by iva.

In addition to repair of classic electric pianos, keyboards may be for sale. Some old pianos, keyboards, electric pianos, etc can be repurposed redesigned as steampunk projects. The good news is that parts are still available and affordable, and many repairs are. What do i look for to figure out if its worth putting some money in to. Its incredibly dusty and has 3 strings broken or missing. Fender rhodes sounds download fender rhodes sound effects now. The tines in your rhodes piano, like the strings of a guitar, are subject to breakage under stress.

I cant remember what all it needs done but i do know the amp needs some repair. This is from a 1978 mark i stage rhodes that i am parting out. Ill be honest, ive never played an actual rhodes but ive always wanted a real one so ill have to try it out myself to see if ill like it. Please check my other items for lots of rhodes parts.

Download here superrhodes samples collection vol3 samples library exclusively sampled from the legendary rhodes stage mark v vintage. More information order rhodes harp support bracket screw. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Rhodes mark i 19751979 the fender name was dropped for marketing purposes, finally giving harold rhodes the full credit he deserved. Chances are great your fender rhodes piano is 30 years or older by now. The action design is far from perfect, and alignment issues are critical for playability.

Fender rhodes 73 88 key piano cheeks set2 vintage parts stage or suitcase note. The tools required for these jobs are not carried in my vehicle. It simply makes sense that when a fender is weak in one area and cracks the repair should address that weakness. Rhodes stayed with the company, and released the first fender rhodes piano, a 73note model. Grommets dry out and screws bend making tone regulation an impossibility. Total price for repair can be estimated upon inspection of your rhodes piano. It looks like someone previously glued down the ivory but didnt make it flush leaving a gap. Mr fender rhodes video insight urgent repair, tuning and. As a musician, your keyboard is an extension of yourself. Heres my top 5 software recreations of the rhodes electric piano, in no particular order. I was hoping for a psaltery, but what i got is a 12chord chroma harp autoharp. Make offer fender rhodes piano,owned and played by burton. What im wondering is how worth it it is to keep a rhodes around the house. Custom vintage keyboards reproduction rhodes isolation grommets are a detailed and precise reproduction of the original rhodes fender rhodes grommets.

I add a doublerpatch panel underneath to spread out the stressesredistribute the loads, more cracking in the future is a lot less likely. I really wanted to have one of these instruments but could never afford it as a teenager. All about fender rhodes pianos, keyboards, and organs. Restored 1974 fender rhodes stage seventy three mark 1a series with maple action rail and wooden hammers, indicative of the early 70s pianos. But the fact is the fender cracked at one specific point for a reason. Like the piano bass, it was finished in black tolex, and had a fiberglass top. Fender rhodes electronic piano sustain pedal push rod at least thats what i think it is came to me with a vintage 70s rogers drums parts lot in the 70s i played drums with a keyboard player that had a fender rhodes i seem to remember this part as the adjustable rod that connects the pedal to the piano. Cleaning and reassembling these instruments is just half the battle. The good news is that parts are still available and affordable, and many repairs are simple enough to perform yourself. Fender rhodes hardware replacement parts electric piano repair. Tone bar assembly reassembled and reinstalled with new screws, washers a. Fender rhodes clavinet service repair electronic edge ohio. Look no further, as we have complied all of our restoration and repair videos into this.

Particularly in good original condition like these ones, and particularly pre1975. See below for some best free fender rhodes vsts read more. I just wanted to take you on a tour into the instrument. Jul 15, 2016 heres my top 5 software recreations of the rhodes electric piano, in no particular order. No other pianos in the world can recreate the unique blend of tone and harmonics that these pianos produce, and its a passion for these distinctive sounds that compelled us. Shop our online selection of fender rhodes electric piano hardware replacement parts. Manhattan or brooklyn call or email us if you would like to be on the schedule. Fender rhodes restoration discussion in keyboards and synthesizers. Since all tines throughout the pitch range are of the same configuration and vary only in length, and since the tines can easily be cut to size by means of a pair of side cutter pliers, it follows that all the musician needs is a set of replacement tines. Fender rhodes service smith piano servicing restoring.

I did eventually purchase one, in the early eighties, but it just wasnt the same as the ones being produced earlier. Fender rhodes tuneup is a tenstep process designed bring any rhodes piano back to its original factory specs and dimensional standards. Unfollow fender rhodes to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. All tines removed, measured and squared, cleaned, and replaced where necessary.

More information order rhodes hardware complete packedge. The fender rhodes is a very famous electric piano from the 80s, especially the stage mark ii model. Cae is now manufacturing a line of replacement parts for these world famous pianos. Fender rhodes and wurlitzer services big wrench piano care. A harp restoration will do wonders for the sound of your instrument. When i was a teenager i grew to love the sound of the fender rhodes electric piano. Youve got me wanting to go dig it out and start in on it now. New york city electric piano repair pickup this tuesday august 20th. Proper regulation is a must, and will yield a studio quality instrument. How difficult is it to maintain an original fender rhodes. Originally released in 2002 lounge lizard is based on physical modelling rather than the more common sample based emulations. Premium fender rhodes parts, supplies and accessories for your vintage fender rhodes electric piano. Fender rhodes piano mark v stage 73 vintage sound wav sample. But would be suitable for any rhodes or fender rhodes from73 onward.

Store home about us feedback add to favourite new arrival ending soon contact us contact us. For this reason, for any rhodes service beyond the scope of a standard tuning, i require the customer to bring their electric piano to our oak cliff location. Custom vintage keyboards reproduction rhodes isolation grommets are a detailed and precise reproduction of the original rhodesfender rhodes grommets. The cracking is purely cosmetic with the exception of one. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. The 73key electric piano was renamed the fender rhodes suitcase piano in 1969, featuring a black harp cover and a stereo 80w amp, and by 1970 the fender rhodes mark i stage piano was available.

Up for you consideration is a vintage fender rhodes electric piano model 73 its portable with the stand seems complete no pedal, or amp it was one ower by an old roady which you can tell by the wear on the case i was told it is in good working order but no way to test, but it will sell to the highest bidder so shes got to go, we own a thrift. Get fender rhodes sounds from soundsnap, the leading sound library for unlimited sfx downloads. Fender rhodes hardware electric pianos, parts, repair. Doppler audio provides a huge range of quality vintage instrument and amplifier repairs. London based fender rhodes sales, repair, service, restoration and parts. Feb 21, 2009 but the fact is the fender cracked at one specific point for a reason. Rhodes parts cae sound electronic service for the music. It comes with a custom made thin wooden case that has protected it so wellit is in remarkable condition. Im still curious enough to see if its worth fixing up.

Famous artists such as stevie wonder, herbie hancock have made numerous famous tracks using the fender rhodes. The oldest, the granddaddy of all virtual rhodes is the lounge lizard from applied acoustics. These fender rhodes tines are out of a 1974 fender rhodes 88 mark 1. Hard to find latches, handles, screws pins, knobs, glides and more. For a rhodes to have exceptional sustain and voiceing, and retain that voicing, the isolation grommets need to be a. Grommets and screws are replaced, tines cleaned, squared and regulated with reinstallation of tonebar assembly. Fender rhodes for sale in uk 58 used fender rhodes. I saw an old question that mentioned checking that it doesnt have a sunken top. Used extensively by stevie wonder, herbie hancock, the beatles and plenty of other great bands, fender rhodes pianos are almost always in need of service in some respect. Fender rhodes clavinet service repair sold electronic edge ohio.

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