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Km has been a widely examined topic in the management literature for many years. The discussion focused on the types of knowledge that development institutions should leverage, why, and how. Knowledge management, higher learning institution, and competitive function 1. Obviously, you have to have a good piece of software or a good system to capture knowledge. Health care professionals knowledge regarding patient safety. The effective management of knowledge has been described as a. Data were collected in 2014 from physicians, nurses, and nurse assistants. After nearly twenty years of knowledge management consulting, ive developed core themes to what i believe comprises good km. Knowledge management is a discipline a lot of people think knowledge management is a technology or software solution but it is much more than that. Knowledge management will change your business strategies. This call for papers concerns the issue to be published in december 2015, volume. Knowledge management as an important tool in organisational. Knowledge management and business performance cogent oa.

December 2019 how to market and sell km in your organisation. Companies face the challenges of expanding their markets, improving products, services and processes, and exploiting intellectual capital in a dynamic. How your organizations experts can share their knowledge. The area of km is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with all aspects of managing the most. Human resource management and knowledge management by. Knowledge management can improve a wide range of organization performance properties by enabling company. Latifa oufkir, mounia fredj and ismail kassou 2017, performance measurement for knowledge management. Unfortunately, organizations are not clear about such factors hence the need for this study. The focus of this paper is to analyze small and medium enterprises through a. Knowledge management as a determining factor in the. Components of knowledge management the process component include standard processes for knowledgecontribution, content management accepting content, maintaining quality, keeping content current, deleting or archiving content that is obsolete, retrieval, membership on.

The latest business management research and ideas from hbs faculty. In our attempt to understand how km may enhance and promote productivity, the apo has also organized three international conferences and several. Knowledge management in future organizations article pdf available in problems and perspectives in management 1522. Knowledge management requires the creation of a culture in which people are willing to share not only their successes but also, sometimes their failures. Knowledge management could be furthermore described. An iisd knowledge communications practice note, heather creech, 2005 6 indeed key to all models is the upfront planningthe formulation of purpose, provision of resources, and articulation of objectives and expectations. The journal is closely related to the km4dev community of practice. The knowledge economy, globalisation, information technologies have an. Pdf knowledge management has become a factor that ensures the. September 2018 cognitive biases and how they affect knowledge management.

The journal contributes to the development of theory, practice and policy in the field of knowledge management, intellectual capital and intangible resources. According to the 2016 global adult tobacco survey, 5% 3. Knowledge management is about storing and sharing the accumulated collective understanding and expertise within an organization regarding its processes, techniques, and operations. Knowledge management and organizational performance ijitee. Ontologybased knowledge management for enterprise systems. Many studies on the significance of km in the business world have been performed in recent years metaxiotis et al. Evolution of knowledge management5 article history. Knowledge management as an important tool in organisational management. There is a need to create a formative standard of km practices in mhli to enable a systematic realignment of practices within their infrastructure and strategic activities. Knowledge management for development effectiveness was one of the key ses sions of the afdb 2012 evaluation week december 36, 2012.

The essence of knowledge management draws together two threads managing explicit knowledge in documents and databases and managing tacit knowledge. Usa knowledge management is the planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling of people. The roles of knowledge management for the development of. According to this paper, organizations are generally recognizing the crucial importance of knowledge and knowledge management as a competitive weapon to exile in. Pdf the impact of knowledge management process and business. Read articles about knowledge management hbs working knowledge. Designing a reference model, journal of organizational knowledge management, vol. Knowledge management km is a subject that has aroused the interest of many.

Despite being a wrong approach, it underlines an importance of these systems in implementation of the concept martinez, 2010. The key theme in this article is that the knowledge management system in any business is the first step towards building on the emerging tools and techniques like big data, predictive analytics, and other models. Online journal of applied knowledge management a publication of the international institute for applied knowledge management volume 5, issue 2, 2017 31 is difficult and some researchers like puranam, singh, and zollo 2003 have demonstrated that failure rates in hightech acquisitions may reach between 60% to 80%. The 2012 20 reprofiling exercise, introduced for eca to effectively support africas transformative agenda, created a division for public information and knowledge management, bringing together four sections with strategic responsibilities for improving ecas visibility and impact communications. For a long time, companies wanted to know what they know i. The importance of knowledge management systems for service. Subsaharan african countries are among regions that are now facing a substantial surge in tobacco use 3. The impact of knowledge management factors on improving. Management of knowledge, innovation and performance in. Research article performance measurement for knowledge. Solekborowska, celina online journal of applied knowledge management. Knowledge management practices in malaysian higher. Zarzadzanie wiedza i informacja knowledge and information management olsztyn. A blog is a website, or webhosted journal, where entries may be published, in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Knowledge management publications and newsletters knoco ltd. In the competitive business world, knowledge management km has become. The aim of the study is to provide a theoretical background to knowledge management and related concepts and to determine the current situation with regard to. Knowledge and information management by individuals. The area of km is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with all. Volume 18, 2020 vol 17, 2019 vol 16, 2018 vol 15, 2017 vol 14, 2016 vol, 2015 vol 12, 2014 vol 11, 20 vol 10, 2012 vol 9. Assistant professor, premier university, chittagong, bangladesh. Jin chen issn online 17438276 issn print 17438268 4 issues per year. The knowledge management provides a chance to improve the utilization of knowledge in organization sammer, 2007. Numerous books and articles have been written on the subject, and many conferences on km have been convened. The roles of knowledge management for the development of organizations haradhan kumar mohajan1 1. Journal of knowledge management available volumes and issues. This article discusses the role of the knowledge management system in enabling business leaders to predict the future and profit from it.

Pdf the impact of knowledge management on organizational. Tobacco use is one of the major preventable causes of death and disease 1. Article pdf available february 2017 with 4,852 reads. Knowledge management is intended to capture an organizations collective expertise and distribute it to wherever it can achieve the biggest payoff. Many kenyan business establishments have started implementing knowledge management programs in their organizations. Pdf knowledge is the currency of todays economy and the crux of knowledge management, which. It is a very extensive work on the growing field of knowledge management. Knowledge management research and practice 4, 83105. The impact of knowledge management on organizational performance in todays economy article pdf available april 2017 with 9,852 reads how we measure reads. Ntayi 2012 examined the mediating role of innovation between km and. Although the concept of knowledge management is not new, it is a topic which needs to be discussed within the advising area. Knowledge management km has generated considerable interest over the years.

Many studies have been conducted on management education in india but study on knowledge management in bschools in india is very much negligible as. Towards a theory for knowledge management in globally distributed settings. This study looks to describe health care professionals knowledge regarding patient safety. Google the keywords knowledge management, it wil l return more than 200,000,000 websites relating to the words knowledge and management, as can be seen in the figure 1.

What we can do, and what the ideas behind knowledge management are all about, is to establish an environment in which people are encouraged to create, learn. Knowledge management blogs guidance from knoco ltd. Journal of scientific achievements, february 2017 vol. The knowledge inside any organisation is probably the greatest asset you have. Volume 5, issue 2, 2017 78 the concept of knowledge management is sometimes associated with just kms evans, 2005. Shafaghaty et al, 2015 research results, which were found customer orientation directly affects the success of customer relationship management. Knowledge management articles management study guide. The electronic journal of knowledge management ejkm publishes research on topics relevant to the study and implementation of knowledge management, intellectual capital, intangible resources and related fields of study. The former refers to information in its many guises content for which there is a body of discipline in the information management community, and here we since they could communicate.

Pharmacistled smoking cessation services in ethiopia. And the results are in line with mendoza et al, 2007. Pdf knowledge is the most important factor of production, next to labor, land and capital. The model focuses on the individuals and contributes. Designing a reference model latifa oufkir, mounia fredj and ismail kassou. Best practice, knowledge management best practice model the kmice database conferences was searched to trace the articles related to the study of km for year 2008, 2010 and 2012. A quantitative study using questionnaires was conducted in three multidisciplinary hospitals in western lithuania. International journal of knowledge management studies. Designing a reference model, journal of organizational knowledge. Km is defined as the process of identifying and developing critical knowledge.

Understanding knowledge management and its utilization within the organizational structure is an important first step toward developing a foundation for future techniques. Eks definition of km embodies many of these themes. Currently, many organizations are dependent on applying knowledge management km in addition to successful application of tangible assets and natural resources to achieve high performance lee and sukoco 2007. Knowledge management technology people process figure 1. Measurement is an operational analysis of the knowledge management initiative compared to the organization. Knowledge management is unfortunately a misleading term knowledge resides in peoples heads and managing it is not really possible or desirable.

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