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Microsoft core cal software assurance sign in to comment. Software assurance is included with some microsoft products available through techsoup, but it can also be requested on its own. The sa support offering is governed by microsofts current software assurance terms and conditions. Office standard includes software assurance charity. A client access license cal is a commercial software license that allow clients to use server. The ultimate online information share without much trouble. This means customer can support workload mobility as it relates to external user access to its onpremises servers. Like other cals, cal suites can be licensed on either a peruser or perdevice basis. If you are new to the vlsc, you should wait for this email before you register there. Software assurance spans a broad range of microsoft software and services, including windows, microsoft. Microsoft open license is a software volume licensing program designed for corporate, government, charity, and academic customers who order as few as five licenses. Microsoft uses the completed form to verify that the licenses for the workloads you deploy to the cloud are eligible per the terms of your license mobility through software assurance benefit, and confirms this information to both you and your authorized mobility partner. Microsoft enterprise cal suite software assurance series. Clients are available for a variety of operating systems and can be downloaded from microsofts website.

Microsoft server remote desktop services rds cal with. Microsoft windows remote desktop services user cal. Microsoft enterprise cal suite software assurance series sign in to comment. Microsoft provides this material solely for informational purposes. Microsoft volume licensing microsoft software assurance. In this blog post, we will highlight the scenarios to maximize. Software assurance for volume licensing includes a range of benefits that span microsoft software and services. Software assurance spans a broad range of microsoft software and services products, including the windows operating system, microsoft office, exchange, system center, sql server, microsoft azure, and many others.

Ninety days prior to expiration, your vlsc account owner should receive an email from microsoft saying that the benefits are expiring soon. Cal suites simplify licensing and tracking by reducing the number of licenses necessary to access microsoft servers. Enhanced sa rights for sql server enable significant licensing cost savings for sql server both for onpremises and on azure vms. Windows server user cal includes software assurance. All donated microsoft products include software assurance except for get genuine operating systems. Software assurance is a collection of benefits for microsoft products. Options for using microsoft software licenses on the aws cloud. Rights for the online services expire upon lapse of software assurance coverage, regardless of whether the cal suite is perpetual. Microsoft software assurance benefits for office can help your organization accelerate deployment and improve enduser productivity. Using software assurance benefits can help you take full advantage of your investments in it.

If you have purchased software assurance with your microsoft software, you may be able to take advantage of your existing microsoft volume licensing investments and move to the aws cloud without paying additional microsoft licensing fees. The core premise behind sa is to give users the ability to spread payments over several years, while offering free upgrades to newer versions during that time period. Windows server licences are not eligible for licence mobility through software assurance, but customers licensing windows server with software assurance can utilise the azure hybrid benefit for a cheaper perminute cost when running a windows virtual machine. Microsoft windows server device cal includes software assurance. Microsoft windows remote desktop services software assurance 1 device cal sign in to comment. Software assurance benefits microsoft volume licensing. Changes to microsoft software assurance options at techsoup. Software assurance spans microsofts range of software products and services, including the windows operating system, microsoft office, exchange, sql server, and many others. Find out about the basics of microsoft volume licensing programs, which include software assurance, shared source, open license, select license, select plus, enterprise agreement, enterprise subscription agreement, and product keys. Microsoft windows remote desktop services software. The value and benefit gained under microsoft volume licensing programs and through use of microsoft software and services may vary by customer. For a list of microsoft server products and their applicable cals or mls, see the product cals and mls tab. Software assurance membership sam is an integrated set of support services and benefits provided to all enterprise agreement ea customers and those select plus license customers who have selected the sam option for one or more product pools on their select plus enrollment or companywide option available under open value. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read.

License mobility through software assurance gives microsoft volume licensing customers the flexibility to deploy eligible server applications with active software assurance on azure. Software assurance benefits included with microsoft donations. A windows remote desktop services client access license cal is required for each device or user accessing windows remote desktop services. Charity digital exchange will send an email with information about obtaining your license key and managing your donation at the vlsc. Cal suites a cal suite is a single license that provides use rights equivalent to multiple licenses. The following table provides information on a variety of microsoft server products and the client access licenses cals for those products. If software assurance coverage lapses and you are vested with perpetual rights, use rights are determined by the latest version of the products that were in effect prior to the lapse in coverage. Microsoft assurance software is a program that was introduced in 2002 to help users deploy and support microsoft windows, microsoft office and. Microsoft will send an email welcoming your organisation to the volume licensing service center vlsc. If you purchase cals with software assurance, and keep the license current usually every 2 3 years, then you are also covered for new releases of windows.

Whether through an ea or any other volume licensing agreement, customers buying the core cal will always buy software assurance attached. Microsoft software assurance support incident submission. Discounted microsoft products are available with or. Microsofts software assurance gives you automatic access to new technology and provides productivity benefits, support, tools, and training to help deploy and use software efficiently. Online services subscription fees are reflected in the enterprise cal suites annual cost, which includes both online services subscription costs and software assurance. Microsoft sql server standard core edition license. Optimize tco with new sql server software assurance. Microsoft exchange server standard cal provides a featurerich messaging environment for core users, including richclient email, calendaring, mobile device access, and antispam functionality. Windows server user cal includes software assurance charity. Submitted by anonymous not verified on thu, 26012017. For more information, see the microsoft product list and product use rights available on the microsoft volume licensing web site.

Microsoft dynamics crm professional cal software assurance 1 user cal sign in to comment. Microsoft software assurance sa is a microsoft maintenance program aimed at business users who use microsoft windows, microsoft office, and other server and desktop applications. Sql server standard edition is relational database server software offering tools for data storage, management, analysis, and reporting. Microsoft volume licensing product licensing search. For businesses however, microsoft offers several types of licensing schemes for a range of their products, which are designed to be cost effective. Microsoft cal suite bridges are used when you are transitioning from a cal suite onpremises to a comparable product and. This can be done from a wide range of devices over virtually any type of network connection. Software assurance by product microsoft volume licensing.

Software assurance benefits help you take full advantage of your investments in it. How to use or renew your software assurance benefits techsoup. Sql server with servercal licensing requires each user or device that accesses the licensed server to have a client access license cal. Windows server device cal includes software assurance. Microsoft windows server 2012 r2 user cal with software assurance. Software assurance is a comprehensive volume licensing program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help you deploy, manage. Application server products eligible for license mobility through software assurance, including microsoft exchange server, microsoft sharepoint server, and microsoft sql server, are identified in the microsoft product terms. Windows server is microsofts solution for workgroup file, print, and communication servers, as well as for internet content delivery. Has microsoft raised the cost of software assurance.

These benefits include free software upgrades, office multilanguage packs, office suites for use at home, and more. Software assurance is a comprehensive volume licensing program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help you deploy, manage, and use your microsoft products more efficiently. With software assurance, you receive access to new versions of licensed software released during the term of your agreement to deploy at your own pace. Use your benefits to help it staff efficiently deploy and manage microsoft office products and office 365 and get the newest software releases. The license mobility benefit is available to microsoft customers with eligible server applications covered by active microsoft software assurance. Software assurance helps boost organizational productivity with 24x7 technical support, deployment planning services, enduser and technical training, exclusive technologies and rights, and the latest microsoft software releases and unique technologiesall in one costeffective program. Windows remote desktop services user cal discounted. The licence to run windows server in the azure environment is, by default, included in the perminute cost of your windows virtual machine.

Licensing microsoft server products for use in virtual. Licensing programs eligibility requirements microsoft. Customers should refer to their agreements for a full understanding of. Microsoft collects money in advance for future upgrades during a volumelicensing agreement and then keeps the money if it doesnt deliver. Software assurance sa benefits for sql server are enhanced on november 1 st, 2019 with new rights to build a holistic high availability ha and disaster recovery dr plan for sql server workloads. An introduction to microsoft server and client licensing techsoup.

After the initial order, customers can benefit from volume pricing for all licenses for the remainder of the term of their open license authorization number. However, customers who have maintained software assurance sa coverage can continue to renew sa on enterprise edition servers and upgrade to sql server 2017 software. A comprehensive program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help deploy, manage, and use microsoft products efficiently, software assurance helps keep your business up to date and ready to respond quickly to change and opportunity. With this software assurance benefit, there is no need to purchase new licenses and no associated mobility fees so, you can easily deploy existing licenses on the. To renew your software assurance benefits, request a standalone software assurance product through techsoup up to 90 days before your original benefits expire. Licensing software with cals and mls can be complicated due to the technical nature of server products and networks. A rich outlooklike experience from any internet connected computer with a supported browser provides encrypted access to the inbox, powerful search. If you purchase cals without software assurance, then the cals are only valid for that version of windows or lower. Microsoft software assurance for volume licensing helps boost productivity across your organization by helping you to get. Software assurance by benefit microsoft volume licensing. My software assurance cost for enterprise cal suite looks higher than the normal rate. Microsoft windows server user cal includes software assurance. Licensing microsoft server products for use in virtual environments december 2017 4 products licensing do apply to windows server external connector licenses with software assurance coverage.

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