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For example, the influence of american companies on other countries cultural identity can be seen with regard to food, which matters on two levels. Or to put it another way, no cultures values, art, music, political system, or literature are better or worse than any other. On the one hand, theres no controversy some people are smarter than others, some are more creative, some are stronger or faster, and some are kinder or more virtuous. Its about people, culture, creation, sharing and collaboration. Within the english language, there are hundreds of different dialects and accents utilized throughout the country. State the four elements of cross cultural communication 2 the importance of cultural competency health care workers need to be aware of, and sensitive to, cultural diversity, life situations. The culture of mental health does culture matter in mental health. Are some of the worlds cultures more evolved than others. Many cultures and societies in this world are some more evolved than others. Maybe not in terms of technology, of course, but the way they act toward each other. To the people who believe that no cultures are morally better than others, or believe that morality is cultura. The linguists estimate that nearly 150,000 languages have been spoken on planet earth since the dawn of man, of which a.

Not just different cultures some are better than others posted on october 11, 2012 20 comments the violent protests in the middle east and in countries like india over the awful innocence of muslims film have shown one thing theres a huge divide between the west and the east in terms of culture and freedom of expression. A new video by paul joseph watson explains how some cultures are simply better than others and he takes no prisoners. Some cultures value education more, and scientific research has shown that those cultures that do value education, are generally more intelligent overall. Sydneysiders humor might be more dry, dark, and sarcastic, where other cultures might be more slapstick, silly, or jokey. Multiculturalism and human relations flashcards quizlet. Those elements of a given culture that reflect divine revelation should be celebrated and promoted. No, i dont think the canadian culture is better than any other culture.

Discussion in off topic started by hriscool, may 30, 2015. This is a fairly short book a little over 200 pages with a very controversial title. Some cultures are better than others video 2016 on imdb. No one can fail to notice that some culture can accomplish things that all people want like health and comfort better than others. Cultural relativism denying that any culture is in any way superior to another underlies the ideology of multiculturalism.

This thinking is the product of a doctrine widely taught in our schools. But even better than that is experiencing music with other people. If you have different values, you might think the easy going life of people on a remote island somewhere represents the best culture. The variety of accents spoken around the united states most likely came from individuals who were raised in a different country, were taught to speak in a different.

Multiculturalism teaches that western values and institutions are no better than other cultures and thus arent worth protecting. Some cultures are better than others and the west is the best staff rebel columnist. Or to put it another way, no culture s values, art, music, political system, or literature are better or worse than any other. For example, the status of women in america is much different than that in the arab world relative to the customs and morals of each society. Yes, no culture is perfect, but things like state condoned rape are less common in some cultures at this moment in history than in others. The fact that even suggesting some cultures are better than others is unacceptable in some cultures suggests their own superiority more openminded, willing to learn from others. Home libreoffice free office suite fun project fantastic people. More than one culture should be maintained and held beforehand. I think every culture is rich in some way history, arts, etc. Its known as multiculturalism, the belief that all cultures are equal. Indicators of lying in some cultures are indicators of. So heres another useful primer created by the one minute series. Do you think that your culture is better than other. In other words, an anthropologist must be objective in the conduct of any field research.

We affirm that some cultures operate on assumptions that are inherently better than those of other cultures because of the biblical truths that inform those worldviews that have produced these distinct assumptions. Its development was also influenced by other italian languages and to some. People of different cultures share basic concepts but view them from different. Prager u is back with another video that proves the idea of multiculturalism isnt all its cracked up to be, and that some cultures are actually more productive, peaceful, and prosperous than others. In reality, some barbaric practices are still being practiced in parts of the world and they should be shunned instead of saying it is a different culture, be more open minded. Yes, some cultures and societies are more moral than others. Some cultures are better than others happier abroad. Past research therefore might seem to suggest that collectivist cultures such as the japanese are less trusting than individualistic cultures like.

Google any variation of the following question and you get a storm of different reactions. Th e ability to decipher other cultures in fair and meaningful ways is. Unless you are talking to some kind of supremacist you are unlikely to hear anyone give you a hierarchy of cultures with respect to average intelligence. Some cultures are better than others video 2016 5 10. Other people risk death to come here, because of who we are. Some cultures are better than others video 2016 imdb. Some cultures are better than others paul joseph watson. Bestselling author dinesh dsouza, who was born in india and moved to america, explains. Also, some languages dont easily express whether something is a subject or object or other cases latin and german modify articles or word endings to show their case, and some other languages e. English do it in other ways, often by position, but some languages appear not to worry about it so the context is critical. Are some languages better than others and, if so, how and why. Dixon is a professor and deputy director of the language and culture research centre at james cook university. Christians are definitely ok by me, with the exception of the catholic church, vatican, and its army of child molesters. How you lie depends on where youre from atlas obscura.

Other technologically advanced cultures, such as japan and china, got there because of a tradition of mathematical and technological development, as well as a sense of national pride and identity. Western culture is better than islamic culture duration. In this sense, calvinism creeps up again, since the peoples with the best technologies are now seen as the most advanced or better than everyone else. Prager u is back with another video that proves the. These theories have helped to distinguish ethnocentrism as a means to better understand the behaviors caused by. Seen through this light, culture is a sort of software program or database. Possible you need glade, but you use macos and wont change your os or use any virtual machine. I take culture to be synonymous with society and government. People in some cultures share humor openly with everyone, whereas some save their jokes for only their friends. Southeast asian version of creativity differs to the western version of creativitythere is an appetite on both sides to find a common ground or at least ways to bridge the perceived creativity gap between the broadly collectivist form of creativity seen in asian and the more individualistic form of creativity which is idiosyncratic of most western cultures in order to capitalise on.

He explains how elements of indian, china, korean, africa and muslim cultures. I have no use for muslims and their treatment of women, gays, and other religions. Why are some dialects and accents more accepted than others. The worship of multiculturalism is selling our country down the drain. We shouldnt be shy to say it, because failing to do so is the quickest way to lose that muchneeded superiority. But then again, cultures are hard to compare because theyre so different. Cultural and diversity considerations learning objectives after this session, participants will be able to. Not all cultures are equal, not all cultural diversity is good. In my case there are 3 main arguments i want to present to show why some cultures are objectively better than other cultures. The concept of cultural relativism means that a culture must be judged according to its unique traditions and customs. Certainly there are cultures that are better at equality than others, i dont think anyone would dispute this, but the question is whether equality itself is an objective indicator of value. Ethnocentrism is used in social sciences and anthropology to describe the act of judging another culture and believing.

It has been researched and it is a fact that some cultures are more intelligent than others, regardless of whether it is accepted or not. Not just different cultures some are better than others. This one some cultures are better is very inciteful and gets your message across without being ugly or stridentand you pack a punch with your last paragraph. Image courtesy of atelopus at istock by getty images. What, indeed, are the essential components of any language. Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and youre good to go. Italian is a romance language of the indoeuropean language family. I do think some cultures are better than others and my conclusions stem from the things i value. Some cultures are objectively better than others we are just supposed to pretend we are all equal so nobody gets their feelings hurt.

A good way to get going with a language still spoken by some 12 million people, many living in. In other words, they have come to despise their own culture. First, food itself is in many countries an integral aspect of the culture. I believe some cultures are inherently superior than.

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