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The following website is dedicated to the gayslash themed novel and anime. Ai no kusabi is a gritty, suspenseful, and sensual fourepisode ova based on a novel by awardwinning female scifi author rieko yoshihara. Having learned all this by watching the anime adaptation, i was eager and excited to read this novel. Ai no kusabi is a japanese novel written by rieko yoshihara. Back to the spanish translation back to the main page. This would seem to deal with the space between peoplerelationships. In short, ai no kusabi is a yaoi light novel that takes place on the planet amoi which has a different political and social system than earth.

Ai no kusabi presents a futuristic society with a complicated caste system and takes an indepth look at look at the issue of class distinctions. Six months after letting riki go, our favourite blondie decides its time to finally try and return his beloved mongrel to his side. Ai no kusabi wedge of interval is a novel written by yoshihara rieko. Ai no kusabi tv series 19921994 the movie database. Yayoi takeda walk on the wild side ai no kusabi dj.

It is a japanese novel written by rieko yoshihara in 19861987 and focused on the ill. The populace is almost entirely male and is based on hair color. Iason, the blondie, and riki, the mongrel, are both muscular and imposing men, instead of the usual pairing of a wellbuilt manly man and a boyishgirlish man pairing. I loved it, the storyline was original and they did the best with the resources they had with the animation. Horror movie characters, slasher movies, horror films, michael x, michael myers. Ai no kusabi ovas englishdubbed clip reveals main cast nov 8, 2017 media blasters to dub 2012 boyslove ova ai no kusabi oct 11, 2017 north american anime, manga releases, april 2127 apr.

When the theme was revived i was glad that someone started to write the story based on the tapes and the animation. I should have read the story discription better because it. Ai no kusabi presents us with a unique setting in which there is a huge class divide among not just the main characters, but everyone, and it very much affects their relationships. The good obviously, since im listing ank as a favourite, theres plenty of positive to say about it. Oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival central all events. The feelings of anger and jealousy surrounding rikis status as. I was somewhat disappointed in this release of ai no kusabi because i thought it was the entire story, much to my chagrin it is only the first 4 ovas, the same ovas that have been release last year thru aarinfantasy.

On planet amoi, a great society has developed, creating a computerized city called tanagura, ruled by supercomputer jupiter. Yaoi iason mink ricki ai no kusabi mink wallpaper, manga anime, anime art. And as we all know, no unforeseen methods or dirty tricks are beyond iason mink once he has set his sights. In this planet, people are ranked according to their hair colour, from the lowest to the highest privileged group. The series is based on rieko yoshihara and illustrator katsumi michiharas manga of the same name. It was released as ovas and quickly became something of a niche fandom favourite for not only its intriguingly mysterious scifi setting but also for its sex scenes which, at the time, were unheard of in their explicitness. Katsuhito akiyama gall force eternal story, thundercats directed ai no kusabi at aic, with naoyuki onda ergo proxy, inuyashiki providing character designs. I am taking and using the world and its characters without permission. This futuristic tale is set in a world where the elites are assigned various social classes based on their hair. Ai no kusabi is a fourepisode ova, which hit retailers in 2012. One elite member, iason, encounters a mongrel named riki in the slums and decides to take him in. The series takes on heavy hitting subject matter including systemic racism, sexual agency and social isolation. Ai no kusabi ova 01 version completa sub espanol taehyung, ai no kusabi.

Ai no kusabi, lit the space between is a japanese novel written by rieko yoshihara. Ai no kusabi ova 01 version 1992 completa sub espanol. Originally serialized in the yaoi magazine shousetsu june between december 1986 and october 1987, the story was collected into a hardbound novel that was released in japan in 1990. This game is going to be based on the novelova ai no kusabi. The story is set in the future on the planet named amoi which is controlled by a supercomputer named jupiter. This was a very wise decision, for it gives the viewer a truer sense of the yaoi theme, and emphasizes. Blondie revolution ai no kusabi looking for characters. The story ran as series on a famous japanese shounen ai magazine, shousetsu june no. If the sales for the dvdsbss are phenomenal, theres a possibility that things could change, but for now, no more episodes are planned. All rights are credited to their respective creators. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from ai no kusabi. Not that its completely lacking in them theres a reason why ank was serialized in a yaoi magazine before. The story mostly centers on the political and social issues on the planet, as well as the two main characters riki and iasons relationship. Ai no kusabi is most famous as a classic bl anime title from the 90s.

During rikis threeyear disappearance from ceres, sid was the one who recruited kirie into bison as the. The story then was slightly reedited by the author and has. The animator for ai no kusabi instead chose to make his characters very tall, graceful, and undeniably masculine. It strays somewhat from the usual yaoishounenai character design, which consists of very effeminate men and floofygirlygirls. The story is set in a futuristic world, some human beings now live on a planet in space. Ai no kusabi ova 02 version 1992 completa sub espanol. Severs, lucius, draco, and harry are looking for their last two mates. Ai no kusabi translates literally to wedge of interval or the space between, not wedge of love. Ai no kusabi was the first yaoi animation that i watched. Set in a dystopian future, the patriarchal society of the planet amoi lives under a strict caste system. Now amoi is there last stop before looking all over again.

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