Solemate spring reverb driver

Each spring should have different characteristics, to ensure that the unit does not simply create boinging noises. But they also make spring reverb units, and gearheads that know about them are very happy they do. I tested the first one i got in, against the reverb in my 66 fender deluxe reverb amp. Vanamps solemate spring reverb discontinued since january, 2019 the solemate is a beautiful little tool created for people who love or need reverb and own amps that dont have it builtin list most tweed style amps.

It also includes novel features such as a fully automatable shake control that will. If you wanted to use a fender reverb circuit, youd need to punch holes in the metal chassis for the tube socket, youd need some interior circuit mods reverb driver and recovery circuits, youll need to add a transformer, etc. Reverb is one of those effects that simply will not go away. Gamechanger audio light pedal optical spring reverb. This little twopiece miracle consists of a control head unit with a remote spring tank that can be mounted anywhere on or under your pedal board. The reverb drive is basically a fourwatt output amplifier consisting of a 12at7 tube and a reverb driver transformer. I dont know how else to describe it really, i wanted a spring reverb, it is a spring. He said i was first person ever to ask about noise caused by the solemate and that i should send the unit in for them to look at leaving me without a unit to play through perhaps some close up shots of the boards we can pinpoint the problem here. A more modestly sized and priced alternative is the van amps solemate. It does an excellent job for digital reverb, but the sole mate is just a better spring reverb effect. Most of the same features as the reverbamate, but a single output with as much reverb as you select with the output level knob, and an onoff switch for true bypass of the reverb sound. Like the ggg stage center reverb, but with a pcb that i can order that isnt discontinued, or with a verified perfboard layout.

It seems that most of the tube driven reverb units i see use a transformer, but thats driving a tank with an 8 ohm input coil. Has a dwell knob to set the length of the reverb sounds. I wish i knew which marshall it was all those years ago with that rich spring reverb, but it seems that marshall has decided to take the low road on reverberation with their latest models. Still uses a real reverb pan for true spring reverb sounds. The soul mate can get that same sound, but seems more focused. If either spring is broken, or if the connection to the transducer is broken, the reverb pan will need to be replaced. The 10 best spring reverb pedals analog and digital.

This simple, inexpensive spring tank reverb circuit is taken from the fender hot rod deluxe. Spring reverb tanks explained and compared antique. In 2006, van amps released the solemate spring reverb pedal, which offered a true solution by packing a real reverb tank and solidstate circuitry into a relatively compact stompbox. Reverb is easily one of the most popular and most talkedabout types of guitar pedals out there because it is so useful for creating depth and space in your sound. This is the first component reverb system of its kind. Your reverb knob is post all reverb gain, not pre to it. The reverbamate analog spring reverb, or asr1, and the reverbamate solemate are compact spring reverb units that utilize analog solidstate circuitry. Hammond organ company invented the spring tank reverb effect in 1960.

The solemate is a solidstate analog reverb pedal utilizing the mod three spring reverb tank, considered by many to be the best vintage sounding spring tanks available. Spring reverb tanks explained and compared the reverberation effect. The chorus reverb is great and there is a very interesting backwards rev. The solemate uses a real reverb pan for true spring reverb soundswith as much reverb as you want to dialin using the output level knob. Spaceman orion analog spring reverb includes comparison to vintage princeton reverb onboard reverb. The solemate reverb pedal employs a bipolar fully regulated power supply for increased headroom and low noise operation. I want to get a good spring reverb for studio use and amps without their own tank. Or, you could just take the easier way out and buy a fender reverb unit. The lamington reverb was designed as a stand alone reverb unit and that application requires quite different design to a built in reverb. The reverb circuit is inserted just before a guitar amplifiers phase inverter in a pushpull amp or just before the driver last gain stage before the power tube in a single. A dramatically scaled down version of the solemate with the same heralded sound of its forerunners.

The main components used to produce the spring reverb effect are. The next best thing would be a fender or similar tube reverb unit. Connecting to and from the spring reverb and the tank driver is easy and most spring reverbs are clearly marked with input and output. And finally some short demos with the specified 3 spring 8eb2c1b tank, just to give an idea of what it sounds like. The lamington reverb a better valve reverb unit valve. The basic spring reverb chamber is a simple affair see figure 1, with an input and output transducer, and one or more usually three or four springs lightly stretched between them. The danelectro spring king has a pretty unique sound that does not sound like a good spring reverb. When using, say a fulltone tte or echoplex ep2 and maybe a pedal or two the noise easily adds up. It uses a single, less than one dollar tl072cp op amp as the reverb driver and reverb recovery amps. Wouldnt surprise me if they had some cross pollination. The uverbia is a real spring reverb pedal which has a driver that sends a signal to a spring tank in a similar manner to a guitar amplifier.

Some people dont like the spring sound, but since so many amps have one its not a big loss. The solemate jr is a first of its kind, a spring reverb designed for pedal boards. Single output, three spring reverb tank in a pedal. The reverbmate series solemate is a solidstate analogue spring reverb.

Spring reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track. This is very useful when you want to make big layers or just a tiny reverb on the back of the mix. I want a simple trashy spring reverb kind of deal, like dano spring kingish but not made by danelectro. It can be used in front of your guitar amp or as a linelevel analog reverb effect for the recording studio. A signal is driven into the drivers attached to one end of each spring, labeled input, which acts like a speaker. Op amp has spring driver coil in feedback path to input.

Having owned one, i found it to be entirely unusable. The mind blowing tone comes from the fact that this pedal has a real spring tank, not a digital modeling unit that is commonly found in many pedals. Vintage tones abound with its three spring reverb tank, and youll find plenty of headroom for a smaller or spacier reverb because of its bipolar, fully regulated power supply. Even though your tank came in a marshall head, it may have been manufactured by accutronics if not, you may find that yours matches or is. So i was wondering if anybody knows if the van amps solemate is more quiet than a fender reverb tank. Fassel about a noise issue large appliances in my house switching on cause a huge ripple of noise in my amp. Antique electronic supply makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this article, and expressly. The reverbs are lexicon samples and they sound great.

Vanamps solemate analog spring reverb effect effects. Found sound van amps solemate analog spring reverb effect. Gamechanger did a eurorack plasma distortion with erica synths also in latvia and erica also has a eurorack spring reverb driver module with dsp an fv1, probably built in. Available with the 9vdc power output jack option, just like its big brothers. Low, a pot playing on the 2 band active eq, precisely on low frequency side. If you have an old amplifier that is not working, you can pull the spring reverb out of the box and set it on a table. The uverbia real spring tank reverb pedal screaminfx. If you want to fiddle with reverb driver tubes v3, you could try a 12bh7 andor a 12av7 in the reverb driver location. Vanamps reverbamate asr1 and solemate premier guitar. Are there any diy spring reverbs out there that use an actual spring but have a pcb for the driver and such. A quick look at your circuit shows that the use of v1a as the reverb preamp means that when reverb is switched in, the dry signal only has two rather than the three gain stages required for the lamington. Sr1 spring reverb build guide the instructions for the spring reverb kit are divided into the 3 main sections of the circuit. It incorporates tubebased drive and recovery circuits. A seperate reverb tank like the fender 63 unit sounds awesome.

You dont get shimmer pitch shifting inside a reverb feedback loop just by adding an optical detector. One of the oldest forms of unnatural reverbs created is spring reverb. In 2011 i published a schematic for a little spring reverb driver based on roy mallorys tech note for using a. Following up the vanamps reverbamate is the solemate, a solidstate analog spring verb that will give you a unique, sparkling reverb for your oneinput amp. While there are some excellent dsp digital signal processor based reverb systems that sound very natural, the unique sound of spring reverb tanks is still preferred by a great many guitarists and. If youre looking for classic spring reverb tone its hard to beat as it is actually a spring reverb. The wave is a versatile standalone, tubedriven analog spring reverb unit kit. A modern reverb tank consists of drivers, transmission springs, pickups, and a shock mounting system.

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