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Tekonsha 90885 prodigy p2 electric brake control, 14. This powerful electric brake control features motion sensor technology similar to whats used in the aerospace industry. Trailer brake adjustment brakes should be adjusted after the first 200 miles of operation when the brake shoes and drums have seated and at 3000 mile intervals, or as use and performance requires. Power to prodigy p2 with trailer connected and manual knob activated without trailer. If your vehicle came with a factory tow package that included a 7way connector, you can purchase a tekonsha oem wiring harness with the prodigy connector on. March of 1999 was exciting for tekonsha with the launch of a new proportional control, the envoy. Tekonshas newest selfleveling proportional control, the prodigy, made an exhilarating release into the industry in february of 2001. Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking. Tekonsha prodigy p2 brake controller, requiring no manual levelling, is a. Unlike timed brake controls that deliver the same power under all braking conditions, brake controls use proportional technology that senses the type of braking event. Tekonsha p3 prodigy trailer electric brake controller. The tekonsha p3 with its compact dashhugging design, also features a unique easytouse clipmounting system, and quick disconnect for easy storage.

Display readings after wiring the prodigy p2 after successfully wiring your prodigy p2 you should see the following on the twodigit display. Tekonsha p3 electric brake controller only model 90195aus australian version with latest version p1. Prodigy sees an overload condition during operation. Prodigy p2 trailer brake controller manual download. Prodigy p2 electronic brake control a nolevel, no hassle electronic brake control system for 14 axles.

Do not mount or activate rf generating items cell phones, two way radios near less than 12 the brake control. Tekonsha is a leading manufacturer of proportional trailer brake controllers. Well walk through an example with one popular model, tekonshas prodigy p2 controller. Finetune the tekonsha brake controller power setting by driving at low speeds and stopping both the tow rig and the trailer by applying pressure to the vehicles brake pedal. Tekonsha 90250 prodigy rf electronic brake control in brake controls. Tekonsha 90250 prodigy rf electronic brake control, brake. Instructions for primus brake control continued appendix a. The tow vehicle should be fitted with an approved electric brake controller listed below. Manual tekonsha voyager users guide tekonsha users guides, owners manuals, service manuals, instructions books the largest database immediate download or research services.

Tekonsha 90250 prodigy electronic brake control does work. Instructions for prodigy brake control continued pn 7689 rev i appendix a. L power interruption while brake pedal is depressed. Tekonsha p3 proportional brake controller purchased from amazon. Its like you read the useless owners manual verbatim. Tekonsha prodigy p2 trailer brake controller 1 to 4 axles proportional 90885. Tekonsha primus installation manual tekonsha primus iq trailer manuals can often become jumbled and hard i am thinking of using the tekonsha p2 prodigy.

Reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway systems. Buy tekonsha 90250 prodigy rf electronic brake control. P3 the industries most advanced electric trailer brake control. Tekonsha tk90885 tekonsha prodigy p2 brake controller. This newest version of tekonsha s popular prodigy brake controller has reverse battery protection to preserve the unit and accessory systems. This video is not intended to replace the installation instructions included with every tekonsha product. P2, wiring, and modified openings in shelf and dash. Display readings after wiring the p3 after successfully wiring your p3 you should see the following on the lcd display.

Tekonsha, the tekonsha logo, and tekonsha graphics are the servicemarks, trademarks, or registered trademarks owned by horizon global corporation. This is an indication of voltage output to electric brakes. The tekonsha prodigy trailer brake controls is the most advanced and intelligent approach to trailer brake controls. Find great deals on ebay for tekonsha brake controller. Page 79 breakaway trailer kits 1028 kit pdfpro1875694 prodigy p2 brake brake controller manu tekonsha envoy owners manual. Ive a 12 page how to complete with pictures and part numbers, but i dont want to publicly release it until someone else has installed one using my instructions. Tekonsha prodigy p2 trailer brake controller 1 to 4 axles proportional. P3 electronic brake control for 2, 4, 6 and 8 brake. Select your boost setting based on your towing situation, driving preference and condition of your trailer brakes. The lower two bars flash prodigy is mounted at too low an angle. I just want someone to validate them while doing their own installation before i publish them. Tekonsha prodigy brake controller wiring diagram tekonsha prodigy p2 brake controller wiring diagram tekonsha. Victron energy sky012060100 skyllaip44 12 volt 60 amp 3bank battery charger 120240v. Equipped with a selfadjusting sensing device allows for easy.

Tekonsha prodigy p2 trailer brake controller installed in. Tekonsha prodigy p2 trailer brake controller 1 to 4 axles proportional tekonsha. Installing a tekonsha prodigy p2 brake controller in a model x. Trailer brake control prodigy p2 electronic brake control prodigy p2 electronic brake control. The proportional include tekonsha prodigy, p2, p3, voyager and primus iq.

This newest version of tekonshas popular prodigy brake controller has reverse battery protection to preserve the unit and accessory systems. Prodigy rf user does not need a dash mounted, hard wired brake control. Assortment of tekonsha brake controller wiring diagram. The manual says to set the braking strength to 6 and adjust the wheel on the right side of the hand held unit until. Its important to set the brake controller settings on travel trailers.

How to operate tekonsha brake control it still runs. Prodigy p2 electronic brake control tekonsha is the industry leader and innovator in electric trailer brake controls and breakaway systems. Prodigy, requiring no manual leveling, is a technological breakthrough among inertia activated brake controls. The prodigy rf is the perfect sharedtrailer solution. Curt 51180 echo mobile electric trailer brake controller with. Use of some test lights or non tekonsha testers can cause this problem. Instructions manual for tekonsha primus iq trailer brake.

Increasing boost level adjusting the power to the trailer. Wiring brake control your prodigy p2 brake control has a unique connector located at the back of the control. To hook a 2wire trailer to a 3or morewire truck or car, you need a converter to make the right lights light up at the right time. The shelf isnt quite snapped in place in this photo to more clearly show how the wiring passes thru the tray notch and the enlarged opening in the dash behind it. Equipped with a self adjusting sensing device similar to the one used in guided missile technology to allow for easy. The p2s continuous diagnostic check monitors your connection and magnet condition, so you can fix any problems before they land you on the side of the road. Tekonsha brake controller instructions it still runs. The p2 s continuous diagnostic check monitors your connection and magnet condition, so you can fix any problems before they land you on the side of the road. Accelerate and stop the trailer using the manual slide on the controller repeatedly, until the trailer brakes receive sufficient power to stop without locking up. The upper two bars flash prodigy is mounted at too high an angle.

Getting tekonsha prodigy manual is easy and simple. This item tekonsha prodigy p2 brake control for toyota vehicles. These controllers use a sensing device to determine the amount of deceleration of the towing vehicle and proportionally apply the trailer brakes to provide a smooth, controlled stop. Free fedex 2nd day air no level adjustment necessary it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you drive. Some of its most wellknown products are tekonsha prodigy p2 and tekonsha prodigy p3. Extra tekonsha prodigy mount bracket pocket mount 7686. The biggest difference between the p2 and p3 is the p3 has the ability to display amps. All other servicemarks, and trademarks are the property of their respective owner. Failure to install the prodigy p2 within these constraints may cause impaired performance. The brakes should be adjusted in the following manner. A true proportional braking system, p3 has several added features, making it the new standard for electric trailer brake controls.

Each incremental boost setting increases the sensitivity of. Prodigy also makes a slightly more expensive p3 controller which should be functionally equivalent to the p2, but has a nicer display that would make diagnosing problems easier. Takes about 45 minutes to do the second time you do it. We have received many requests for just a replacement controller, in circumstances where a vehicle may have been purchased and all the mount brackets, wiring are already installed and just the controller unit only as pictured is required, also in the. As long as everything is wired correctly the brake controller should detect your cougar camper as soon as you connect the 7. Tekonsha brake controllers installation instructions. The timedelayed include drawtite activator 1, activator 2,activator 3 and tekonsha powertrac.

Tekonshas orginal boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking. Power to prodigy with trailer connected and manual knob activated without trailer manual knob activated with trailer, 5. Tekonsha brake controller wiring diagram free wiring diagram. The prodigy p2 can be mounted from 0 degrees to 360 degrees vertically in the direction of travel. Tekonsha 90250 prodigy rf electronic brake control.

It senses deceleration and generates an output that is based on. Reviewed in the united states on november 26, 2017. The prodigy p2 brake controller is readily available from local automotive supply stores or from amazon. If you take to the road with multiple vehicles, theres really only one solution. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. Ive installed a tekonsha prodigy p2 brake controller in my model x. Tekonsha prodigy p2 trailer brake controller 1 to 4 axles youtube. Tekonsha 3065p brake control wiring harness ford f250. A wiring diagram is a streamlined standard photographic depiction of an electrical circuit. Designed to work with electric over hydraulic trailer brakes. Primus utilizes the primary sensor technology from tekonshas high tech prodigy brake control and features the. This unit has the best features of the voyager and the sentinel combined in one unit.

Tekonsha 3040 2plug brake control wiring adapter for toyota. Tekonsha p3 trailer brake controller prodigy free ship ebay. If you still have issues then you may need to download a different pdf viewer. It reveals the components of the circuit as streamlined shapes, as well as the power as well as signal links between the tools.

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